Monday, 4 March 2013

Bra Fitting: Signs of an Ill Fitting Bra

 Did you know that 80% of women wear an ill sized bra?!! YES true story, and it's not a marketing gimmick :) SO why then are 8 out of 10 women wearing the wrong bra? Beats me! I do know however, that personally I thought my bras fitted just perfect till Now (well till a few days ago). I gathered some tips on how to tell whether your bra fits right.

1. If your breasts are spilling over creating 4 small breasts, then your bra is too small! Experts advise trying on a T-shirt to make sure you are clear of the 4 boobs. Furthermore, if your breasts bunch up into one big boob, then your breasts are extra big for that bra!!

2. If the Centre panel/gore at the front doesn't rest on your skin and is resting mid air, it indicates that your breasts are too big. In such a case the bra rests on your breast tissue instead of the rib cage.
Another sign that the bra is too small is if the wire (assuming the bra has a wire), rests on your breast tissue instead of snugly tucked underneath the breasts.


3. If there is a space between the edge of the bra cups and the breasts then your breasts are petite and you need to move down a size. The entire breast should fit snugly in the cup of the bra otherwise....armpit boob!..that little bit of extra breast tissue that peeps out the side of the bra next to the armpit.


4. Back Fat! When wearing a little bra ( I mean one that doesn't fit) it sometimes digs into the back accentuating what people call back fat! The size of the band matters a great deal; large bands don't stay in the right place on your back.

5.Straps that dig into your skin or fall over your shoulders. The straps that dig into the skin are an indication that the band is too big since the straps are too tight trying to lift the breasts up. Bra straps only do 10% of the work and the band 90%.  If the straps keep falling off then the bra is small and thus keeps riding up.

6. The band is riding up or is too low. This indicates that the bra is not giving firm support to breasts; the band of a new bra should be sitting right across the back on the loosest hook. It should be STRAIGHT! You need to up a size untill the band is fitting straight across.


Next time you go bra shopping look out for the following!


I hope this helps with your next bra shopping venture! Till next time :) :)